About Me

What about me? I love to blog, I've been blogging for a couple of years now. I made this blog so I can share my passion for drinks. I don't smoke, I rarely drink booze, I try to workout whenever I can to keep in shape... so what I can see say hm... I'm just a regular guy trying to get through life. I am a Filipino, I'm proud of it, I love my country, our history, our culture, our values but not Manila. I'm sorry but the city has no appeal to me, err..it irritates me just thinking about the place. I'm happiest in Masbate where the sky is blue, air is fresh and life seems to slow down. I'm not a complicated man, I like being in a nice quiet place where I can sit down ,relax.. and enjoy a drink that a compliments the experience.

This blog is also dedicated for the Glory of our Almighty Father in Heaven.

Thank you for reading!

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